5 Useful Insights Shared by Sukhwinder Singh at Whistling Woods International

Another interactive session at the 5th Veda cultural hub brought Sukhwinder Singh to Whistling Woods International. At the session, the musical sensation, known for some of the biggest hits in the Hindi film industry, shared his most invaluable insights. Here are some of the memorable pieces of advice shared by him.

1. “Make your learning process exciting and interesting, and you will never want to stop learning.”

One of the most useful insights shared by Sukhwinder Singh was to make your learning process exciting. If you enjoy what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. This philosophy truly resonated within the students at Whistling Woods International.

2. “Only a crazy artist can make his audience go crazy for him.”

With numerous hits accredited to his name, Sukhwinder Singh is considered a sensation in the industry. He shared advice on how one needs to loose control as an artist to achieve excellence.

3. “Put on your headphones and walk to the beats of the song to get a feel of each beat.”

Given his experience in the industry, Sukhwinder Singh had some great tips for all the aspiring students who wish to pursue the same path. From how to experience every beat of a song to how to make it in the industry.

4. “Someone who truly listens to music and understands every beat, will invariably be able to sing it.”

Sukhwinder Singh has been the voice of some of India’s biggest hits, from ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ to ‘Ramta Jogi’. He shared how he goes about understanding the song before singing it. 

5. “Your belief is what truly matters; it will give you the power to achieve anything you want.”

The acclaimed vocalist ended the session with this unforgettable quote and live renditions of some of his most famous songs.

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