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3 important differences between stage and on-camera acting

  There is a thin line between stage acting and on – camera acting. Whether it is Theatre, Film or TV, the acting and character has to be believable. In theater, you have to be heard by the back row … Continue reading

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Acting Terms!

In the broadest of terms, what are acting techniques? Acting techniques help you analyze and break down the script. It teaches you to build your foundation, discover your character, your relationship with other characters, immerse yourself in the story and … Continue reading

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Grow your acting skills

As an actor, you have 2 key skills at your disposal: your body and your voice. Besides considering the genre and acting styles required, you will have to also keep in mind the use of space, the relationship with your … Continue reading

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Memo-Rising Dialogues!

Actors often struggle to memorize dialogues at the beginning of their careers. Perhaps you couldn’t remember the next part of your monologue, or maybe the next line of dialogue just wasn’t coming to mind. Most actors use monotonous mnemonics to … Continue reading

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Prepare yourself for acting audition!

Auditions are something which creates butterflies in the stomach and some of us shiver at the very thought of it. But for an actor, fear is not a solution. Thus, you must prepare yourself and try to forget about it … Continue reading

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