This Styling Project Explores Gender Fluidity Like Never Before

Gender fluidity has been been a relatively grey area that most commercial and even contemporary artists shy away from. Anvita Nair, a School of Fashion student at Whistling Woods International displayed the beauty and complexity of gender fluidity and non-binary genders in this unique styling project.

Combining Indian ethnic elements with the edginess of high fashion, the ethos of this project truly hit the mark. The project, which is up on Behance, is prefaced by the following statement, “Fashion to us is embracing our true style and personality, and therefore it doesn’t have any place for preconceived ideas.”

“We decided to use bandhani fabrics, and oxidised jewellery in order to give an Indian aesthetic to the entire look. All the bandhani garments have been constructed by us using old Bandhani sarees. The girls’ make-up has been dramatized by painting tikkas on their foreheads.”

We hope to see more impactful work like this from the bright minds of the today’s generation.

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