School of Animation’s Head of Department Shares 5 Insightful Tips for Aspiring Animators

Animation is an ever-evolving industry and we, at Whistling Woods International, make it our goal to keep up with it. Here are a few tips for those who aspire to make their way into the vast world of animation.

1. You should have a passion for the job

It’s a time-consuming effort, and the output comes in after a great deal of hard work as compared to live-action filmmaking. Rewards are very much present, but if you have that kind of passion, dedication, and commitment, then you will be able to see an output in the end.

2. Your mind is the creative tool

It’s a mistake to think of animation as something that is only technically done with computers. No creative field is done through its tools, whether it’s a simple pencil and paper or whether it is a computer. The creative tool here is the mind.

3. Observe the art of storytelling

In order to be able to tell stories, you should be informed, to know stories. It is very important to read and understand great writers and how they have told their stories; to see great films and how the directors have fashioned and shaped those stories.

4. Know your audience

It is important not to focus on just what you like, but also to understand why you don’t like something. It’s crucial to know your audience. Maybe it’s time to get out there. Try not to be cocooned into your own little world of just you and the computer. That won’t be enough; get into the market, see films in the theatre, and understand what the audience is talking about. That’s how you will know how they are responding to your work.

5. Don’t hide your talent

The opportunities, however small they may be, for putting your work out there is enormous. The internet has opened up fantastic possibilities. There are websites where you can upload your videos and they can be seen by millions of people if they find it attractive. Put your talent out there. You will get recognised and you will be able to see the fruits of your labor along with recognition for your work. 

Yusuf Mehta is the Head of Department at Whistling Woods International School of Animation. Admissions are now open. You can register for Whistling Woods International School of Animation here.
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