Whistling Woods International Brings Graphic Art & Augmented Reality to Mumbai Comic Con

Bringing forward the talent and skill cultivated in the institute’s School of Animation, Whistling Woods International brought a whole new aspect of creativity to Mumbai Comic Con this year. With meticulously crafted graphic novels by the students of Animation being featured front and center at the institute’s stall at Mumbai Comic Con, there was no mistaking the work and effort put into the impressive end products.

The three graphic novels, namely Shaktirupen, Born Again, and Nirvahna, displayed professional design language, original character,  and plot design. But that’s not all; the students of Whistling Woods International broke convention and introduced augmented reality at event for the first time ever. Bajro Narayan Datta, student of Animation, spoke about the Chinese Zodiac posters he designed, integrating augmented reality as a fun twist in them, saying, “We’ve developed this app called Poster Viewer and if you view these 12 images through the application it starts animating. We thought the idea of putting motion in a poster and making it easily accessible via a cell phone was interesting. I don’t think we could’ve pulled this off without learning at Whistling Woods International. Our game design department helped a lot. Mixing concept art and game design gave an output like this.”


As something that hadn’t been seen at Mumbai Comic Con before, this unique artwork brought a bevy of young enthusiasts. Yusuf Mehta, Head of the Animation Department at Whistling Woods International, spoke about the diversity of the institute’s curriculum and the work put in by the students, saying, “Whistling Woods International School of Animation runs an interdisciplinary course. You can do something from comic book design, 2D animation, 3D animation, game design — everything. It’s not the kind of specialisation where you have to choose one or the other. In today’s world, diversity allows the students to not only have the skills that they require but to shape the kind of course they want to do and in which their interest lies.”

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