7 golden rules for Your First Short Film

The easy availability of DSLR cameras, consumer editing packages, and cheap VFX has made filmmaking incredibly accessible and easier today. This has given rise to a number of independent filmmakers and if you are thinking of joining the rank this is an ideal time. As an aspiring filmmaker, it is a good idea to start with a short film and these 7 basic rules can help you in creating your first short film.

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Conceptualization: This is your first short film, so the idea or the basic concept of the film should be about something you deeply relate to. A lot of aspiring filmmakers aim at a supposedly remarkable idea in order to appeal to the audience and that is where they commit an error. Your first short film should be about something that you believe in.

Story: A short movie, unlike a feature film has little room for too many sub-plots. Hence, keep the conflicts in the movies to the minimal; instead concentrate on building few and strong characters that will stand out.

Budgeting: In your first attempt at filmmaking, your budget is going to be stringent. Source funds and gather them from different places as much as possible and then allocate it wisely. Divide the budget in every aspect from pre-production to the post-production and to the final distribution.

Location: Make a list of available locations that suit your story idea and your budget. Even mundane locations can be transformed into something interesting with your creative eye.

Planning: Plan every aspect of the film, from casting, crew to equipment needed, schedule of the shoot, to timeline for the post-production as well. Make a list and plan accordingly so that nothing is missed out.

Editing: Editing is the most important task after the film is made. A big share of a film’s success largely depends on good editing. There are high end film editing software available in the market for easy and effective editing of films without involving too many resources.

Sharing: A work of art not shared is an art wasted. Good distribution of your film will determine how well it will work with the audience. One of the ways to showcase your movie is through Film Festivals that showcase independent films. However, with the digital space becoming the next big platform for independent film makers, social communities are highly responsive platforms that enable immediate interactions and feedback from the audience thus giving you an idea whether your creativity is appreciated or if you need to change your perspectives.

These guide-lines will help you make your first short movie, but a formal education will help you achieve much more. The filmmaking course in Whistling Woods International’s School of filmmaking can give you the knowledge required to be a successful filmmaker.

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