4 Ways to Connect with Your Audience

“I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.”- Frank Capra


The audience of today’s times has evolved, they are more aware of the cinema. We have an audience that is sophisticated with refined sensibility. Therefore, it is necessary for an actor to make a connection with his audience to keep them captivated. 4 ways you can connect with your audience:

Be ‘beyond’ your Character: Every actor knows that being familiar with your character is very important, but one needs to show the audience more than that. Let your own unique qualities be visible through your character. This makes the character more real and helps the audience build a connection.

Risk: As an actor, never be content simply with delivering proper lines that every actor does. While auditioning or during filming, actors tend to take the safe route and carry out with their known methods. Instead, take a risk and give the audience something extra.

Humor: This is one of the most important qualities for an actor to possess. Humor does not necessarily mean belly-clutching laughter; it could be dark, satirical or even subtle and indirect humor. The main thing is to find a funny bone in the character for the audience to enjoy.

Energy: Many actors avoid showing too much zest in fear of overacting, but sometimes they land up under-acting because of this. Be vivacious, because lack of energy can bore the audience, so avoid being a passive actor and uplift your character.

These points will definitely help you, but to excel in acting a formal training is extremely important with industry experts and mentors. Whistling Woods International’s  courses from the Actor’s Studio can hone your acting skills and help you become the artist you aspire to be.

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