Comedy Artists at the 5th VEDA

DSC_0147Esteemed comedians like Aditya Desai, AzeemBanatwalla, SonaliThakker & SiddharthDudeja took over the stage with their performances

After its inauguration, Whistling Woods International (WWI) hosted the first event, a comedy afternoon, at its latest cultural hub – 5th VEDA. The theme was ‘Laugh or make ‘em laugh!’ The comedians were invited on stage by our Founder and Chairman, Subhash Ghai, followed by AVs on ‘Spiritual Reality – A Journey Within’ and ‘Laughter Therapy.’

DSC_0080 Aditya Desai & Azeem Banatwalla took over the stage with their brilliant performances followed by Sonali Thakker and Siddharth Dudeja. One of the wisecracks by Siddharth Dudeja was, “The best thing about stand-up comedy is that you can make money by laughing at yourself!”

Sonali took a dig on the Gujarati culture, being a ‘Gujju’ herself and her dilemma with family’s superstitions and modern world in the act. The auditorium was down with laughter whenSiddharth played a dumb character with a dumb family around.DSC_0102

The session was well enjoyed by the students. Day-to-day observations of life was narrated by the four artists with a reality check. The comedians and Mr. Subhash Ghai interacted with the students and set examples on how one can build their inner confidence and overcome their fears.

The artists shared their journey and experiences with the students. Azeem was an engineer, who turned into a writer before finally becoming a stand-up comedian. He gained confidence by performing at the Laughter Factory, Mumbai. He has also written comedy scripts for many stars at the film award shows. Aditya was a CA student, who later discovered his interest in stand-up comedy.

Meghna Ghai Puri, President, Whistling Woods International, thanked the guest artists and said, “Charlie Chaplin stands corrected with his statement that ‘In the end everything is a gag.’ Today’s session was indeed a stress buster and taught the students a lesson or two in learning how to laugh at themselves.”

She also announced the themes for the upcoming week, which are ‘Indian Cinema’ and ‘Classical Dance’ by yesteryear’s actress and dancer Hema Malini’s team, where some of the WWI students will also perform and participate.

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