Prepare yourself for acting audition!


Auditions are something which creates butterflies in the stomach and some of us shiver at the very thought of it. But for an actor, fear is not a solution. Thus, you must prepare yourself and try to forget about it when it is all over and be ready to accept any failure and success that comes of it.

But before starting with any tips, did you know, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep and Sean Penn fueled their performances by following the school of method acting? And this is why their performances are so true to life.

But how do you put their techniques to use in an audition?
Most times, you will be asked to do a cold reading. You will be given a script and you will have to do it right at the first take. You will be given just few minutes to enact and react and these first minutes are extremely important. During this time, read your script over and over again. Mark your lines with a marker and pour yourself into the character at hand.

Your choices can be about the relationship you share with your scene partner. Do you love them, hate them or both? It doesn’t matter who they are, you have to just feel the raw emotion around the moment.
Do you first worry about lines or the underlying emotions in an audition? Veteran actor Danor Gerald says ‘Lines will come, get the feeling between the lines right first’.

Every scene has a start, middle and end, but for an audition, you’ve got to create a moment before it all. What was the character doing, thinking, and feeling right before the scene started? If you wonder why you have to think about all this, that’s because the more specific you will be, the better your performance will be during the cold reading. Generality is the enemy of art.

A man who dreams of being a doctor doesn’t get off the bus and say, “Well, I’m a doctor now.” He goes to school, pays his dues, and gets his degree. The same holds true for the profession of acting. Be a part of one of the best acting schools in the world and improve yourself.

Apply these auditioning tips and we promise you will never fail. Good luck!

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