Grow your acting skills

teatroAs an actor, you have 2 key skills at your disposal: your body and your voice. Besides considering the genre and acting styles required, you will have to also keep in mind the use of space, the relationship with your fellow actors and your audience. You will need to be very clear about how you use appropriate language when describing your acting skills.

Here are a few technical terms you will have to add to your vocabulary as an actor:


Timing and Rhythm: To have that perfect impact, you must have the ability to move and speak at the right moment, pacing your acting and understanding the rhythm of the act.

Sense of acting style: Improving your acting style is to understand and produce the style required by the scene you are in. Through analyzing, improvising and living the part of your character, you will be able to create a believable character on screen.

Focus: One of the greatest acting skills is to hold focus of your character and sustain the momentum throughout your shot. You should be able to show thoughts and emotions without movement and use relaxation to convey the peaks and troughs of your performance.
The spectrum of acting is varied and each acting style can be learned, practiced and experienced. Test your acting skills here.

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