4 of the most epic movie villains!

1) Joker (The Dark Knight) –

Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s super-hit
movie “The Dark Knight” is definitely a suggestion that comes to most
movie watching memories of the day, when speaking about the most memorable
villains ever. Ledger’s performance was so good and at the same time so
creepy – it actually crawled so far up the audience’s skin, that many who
watched the movie spend most of the time after – only talking about ‘The
Joker,’ almost forgetting the movie was in actuality about ‘Batman.’

His face was painted white and either side of his lips were carved into a
smile with a blade, a scar that he would love to replicate and leave on
his victim’s faces after saying – “lets put a smile on that face.” Also,
it must be mentioned that the Joker’s character is one of the most
ironical ones, being dressed as a clown that laughs his way into people’s
horrors instead of laughing them to humor.

Most memorable dialogue –
“Why so serious?”

2) Darth Vader from the Star Wars saga –

Just hearing the name ‘Darth Vader’ – his menacing soundtrack – starts
auto-playing in most fan’s heads. He is considered the main antagonist
through most of George Lucas’s original Star Wars trilogy and is the
character around which the later released prequels were centered around.

Covered in complete black armor from head to foot – Darth Vader’s
intimidating appearance, coupled with the freaky breathing sounds his mask
kept making every time he spoke – was enough to creep the living
day-lights out of all of those that watched the Star Wars movies.

Favorite Dialogue (SPOILER!!!) –
“Luke… I am your father”

3) Sauron from – The Lord of the Rings trilogy –

As the main antagonist for the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Sauron
most certainly stands out from most normal villains, being shown in full
form only once – at the beginning of the first movie. All throughout the
remainder of the series, he is only mentioned with great fear and shown as
a great eye clothed in fire, standing on top of one of the tallest black
towers in the land of Mordor (an image burnt into the minds of all those
that have watched the movies.)

To instill fear in the audience without really having much on-screen
presence and by just being a singular eye that commands all the forces of
evil is certainly challenging, especially when it creeps out even those
viewers that haven’t read any of Tolkien’s books and without knowing any
background on him (Sauron.)

Most memorable quote –
“One Ring to Rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them
all in the darkness and bind them.”

4) Agent Smith –

The Matrix movie’s super-villain – Agent Smith could speak in a slow,
impassive yet threatening voice, and at the same time he could be one of
the fastest moving characters in the series, that had audiences on edge
every time he chased one of the – “good guys.”

He uses the word “inevitability” to describe himself best, stating that he
would inevitably keep coming back, regardless of all attempts made to end
him. After gaining the ability to over-write a copy of himself on to
anybody he wished – in the second part of the trilogy, Smith multiplies
not only numbers but also in his personification of “villainy” – itself.

Most memorable quote –
“It was your life that taught me the purpose of all life. The purpose of
life is to end.”

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