The Joy of Teaching

“It feels great to teach young minds.I feel very lucky to be associated with Whistling Woods since 5 years now.Teaching is not just a profession for me.Every lecture or discussion is a sort of discovery, digging more with questions from curious and ambitious students at WWI”
– Anjum Rajabali

“In all honesty, I owe an immense debt to WWI as an institution and to our students for giving me an opportunity to connect with so many lives.
Teaching in a film school has been a unique experience for me. Knowledge and experience has to be made accessible – and this is a very exacting academic task. We not only teach but also prepare our students to discover themselves and chart out their own destiny.

Personally on my own I would never have explored so many ideas, areas, and challenges. The excitement of dealing with every new batch is quite a high, and the nostalgia of our alumni heart warming”
– Ashmaki

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