5th Veda Session with the King of Comedy, Kapil Sharma

IMG-20160429-WA0001As a part of our weekly 5thveda session, we hosted India’s favorite comedian, Kapil Sharma, where the king of comedy, Kapil Sharma shared snippets on life, struggle and comedy to students of Whistling Woods International.

This week, at our 5th Veda cultural hub, we had Kapil Sharma – the man with the funny streak who gets the nation laughing out loud. He left a crowd of 500 students in splits with his humorous performance. 5th Veda is a cultural hub initiated by Subhash Ghai, Founder & Chairman, WWI, to develop the artistic skills of budding filmmakers and media students.

The mood was light and the tone candid as Kapil gave the audience a peek-a-boo into the story of his trip to success. “One big take away for me in this journey has been to identify with one’s strength. Staying genuine and strengthening what one is good at is the key to success in this industry where one will face several challenges,” he said.

The evening started with a short yet enlightening AV on the origin of comedy, stand-up acts and the best comedians from across the world and India. Subhash Ghai welcomed the comedy superstar, Kapil Sharma who took over the stage and what followed was a laughter riot in the auditorium.

IMG-20160429-WA0008He shared several anecdotes from his personal life with a pinch of humour and left the audience’s funny bone tickled. While sharing his experiences about entering the industry, he said, “My success strategy that I wish to share with students is that stay true and genuine to your strengths. I appreciate the fact that at such young an age you all are focused regarding your careers paths. You are in safe hands under the mentorship of Subhash sir at one of the finest institutes in India.”

IMG-20160429-WA0002Subhash Ghai said, “It is an honour to have Kapil with us today. I thank him for sharing his valuable insights and expertise with the students of WWI.” The fun-filled evening of the 5th Veda session came to a close with Subhash Ghai & Meghna Ghai Puri, President, WWI, felicitating Kapil with a token of appreciation amidst thunderous applause.


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