Four Key Elements of TV Production

TV production involves various elements that come together to create a successful TV show. So, if you are enamoured by large houses and the over-the-top look of the show, then read on to know what all goes into making these sets into a reality on TV:

The Production Team: This team includes: producer, writer, director, actors along with the technical crew. Each member of the team and crew has various responsibilities. For instance, a producer is responsible for developing and executing the idea for a show along with planning the budget. The production manager on the other hand is responsible for production elements including handling of equipment and crew. While the production designer, is responsible for constructing the set innovatively.

Pre-production: The three most important team members involved in pre-production are the production manager, director and casting director. During the pre-production meeting, locations are decided, script is reviewed, the cast is finalised and the schedule of the show is prepared.


Studio crew 1

Studio crew 1

Photography: Television shows are generally shot using two basic methods of photography. One is single film production or the multiple camera tape production. The first one is generally used for dramatic series and the latter is used to produce talk shows, game shows or news.


Post-production: It begins with the completion of filming and continues until the project is delivered to the network for airing. The most important aspect of post-production is editing. The director, producer and the networker view the film from the daily shoot. These films, also called as ‘dailies’, are then broken down and assembled into scenes by the editors.


Each of the above elements includes various nuances, which make up for the daily TV shows. This is a complex and exciting field. But, to be a part of this creative field one needs to undergo formal education training. This training is imparted at schools like Whistling Woods International’s School of Media and Communication, where you can hone your skills and learn the different elements of TV production.

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