“Opportunities exist everywhere. You need to keep digging”, advised Mr. M.K. Anand

“Opportunities exist everywhere. You need to keep digging”, advised M.K. Anand, the Master designer of Ad Pricing Strategy for ‘The Times of India’ group and current MD of Times Television Network
~ M.K. Anand interacted with students at a Masterclass in Whistling Woods International

“For long-term success, it is wise to analyze your skills in all areas of management and then to challenge yourself to improve in all those areas,” said MD of Times Television Network, M.K. Anand who has a reputation of being a brilliant team builder and turnaround specialist extraordinaire. He was speaking at the Masterclass organized for the students of Whistling Woods International’s School of Media and Communication.

He narrated his transitions in life from being a M.Sc in Fisheries Management student to becoming the first Development Executive for classifieds in ‘The Times of India’ group and gradually straying into media. In the process he discovered his passion for Ad Sales marketing to which he said, “Once I get into something, I want to be the best in it.” He emphasized the lessons he learnt while moving into the television industry and said, “I always wanted to become a CEO and hence prepared myself for it by enrolling for part-time MBA course followed by working as part of the HR team. So basically, you need to have a goal to be able to say yes to things which are going to help you achieve it and no to the things which hinders your journey.”

He explained his three valuable rules for managing people, which are; to have a Vision, breaking that Vision into achievable targets and giving people the freedom to execute it. He divulged his insights for acing the skill of managing people by saying, “You need to have a clear vision for the organization for a minimum period of 5 years. It is important to interact with the people in your company and personally call them to get their point of view, to be able to measure them periodically, which instills faith in them. It is essential for me to trust the people I work with, respect them and be honest about the situations with them.”

He concluded by advising students to develop a personality of a go-getter and enhance their ability to take responsibilities and deliver what is expected out of them in order to gain employment in India’s best companies.
Meghna Ghai Puri, President, Whistling Woods International said, “WWI Masterclasses aim at exploring both academic and practical perspectives using a range of methods by renowned personalities from different fields. A renowned media professional and leader, M.K. Anand’s session was very productive and informative and was delivered in an effective and interesting manner.”

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