Do movies with a story matter anymore?

One of the things that movies have originated from is – story telling. Movies are by nature supposed to be a better form of storytelling, in comparison to a simple narration or a story read off a book. Thus it can be said – movies started off being all about telling stories, though is it the same even today?

Do stories really matter in movies anymore? The fact that fans flock to theatres to watch movies on the basis of the star-cast and not its synopsis makes the answer very clear, doesn’t it? Especially in Bollywood, if most movie plots are not lift-offs from a Hollywood movie, then even if the story is good – the plot will be riddled with pointless scenes merely to increase commercial value. In fact sometimes it’s surprising to see the animated movies coming up mentally stimulating plots for their movies.

The general argument however is that movies are for entertainment, so if the audience is entertained, nothing else matters. The biggest problem with this argument is that most successful genres have been created only when people have dared to take a risk and tried to offer a new experience to the audience. I mean imagine, what would have happened if George Lucas said – “I don’t think I should do Star Wars, its risky and the losses will be great if it flops.”

Due to the fact that decades upon decades upon decades of movies have been made and watched, most stories of movies being released are so predictable it’s as-though movie-makers are taking movie watchers for granted in their relationship, conveniently falling into routine and similar plot patterns. It’s become rare for a movie that really gets the audience thinking or leaves them stunned completely caught off guard with plot-twisters.

A revolution is required in movie-industries to refresh the mind-states of film-makers, and awaken them from thinking that successful movies are all about big-budgets, amazing visual effects, famous actors and creative camera angles. Whilst all those are required, without a good story to back it up, all those aspects just seem like really shiny car parts not assembled.

Movie-making is after-all a form of expression first, while – success, stardom, public demand/approval etc. are another story altogether, not the same.

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