Horror – A Pure Play Of Mind

Amongst all the Genres that are prevalent in the industry, horror is that one type which elicit extreme emotions, namely fear, disgust & terror. All it does is make us involved in a ghastly situation which is supernatural & supports it with a deafening back ground. It’s majorly due to the plot they craft amidst the evil/ demon force, supernatural series of happenings & blend it with the everyday world.

The genre Horror, is not just restricted to thriller, monsters & Gothic films but also there are categories tagged as ‘Psychological Horror’, which abstracts emotional instability in one ‘Exploitation film’, the prime aim being to exploit one character & ‘Survival Horror’, mostly used in games making the survival of the player extremely meek.

The characters like Chucky from Child’s play series, child in the film The Grudge, Frankenstein’s Monster, Zombie are the fictional characters which host your mind with dominant fear & terror! As Christopher Eccleston had once quoted ‘Any horror element is as much psychological as special effects.’

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