AVATAR – Technological Cult

As it is said that legends cannot by recreated nor can they be destroyed! Avatar is one such legendary creation crafted by James Cameron who actually waited for more than 15 years to make AVATAR simply because the technology he wanted wasn’t available yet!!!

The man ended up creating his own technology, a new system of Stereoscopic cameras that have revolutionized 3D films. This technology involves two side-by-side cameras filming simultaneously, mimicking the experience we have of perceiving an image with our two eyes.

The camera system makes a more realistic 3D effect that viewers have found to be simply amazing, which is how AVATAR 3D is different from regular movies. Unlike other cheesy effects but creates a more realistic depth perception throughout the film that makes it possible for viewers to feel immersed in the images, as though they are really there. The camera pans more often to create a realistic view.

Director James Cameron is yet again on his adventure to craft magic through his Avatar sequel which will offer something equally extraordinary to it’s audience & what sets him apart is the basic essence of blending technical experience with Human emotions.

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