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Useful Insights on Method Acting

Method acting is a technique where actors draw feelings and experiences from their personal emotions and memories to build a character. Actor, theatre director and theorist, Constantin Stanislavski developed the concept of Method Acting. This revolutionised acting technique was further … Continue reading

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At 35, still the popular guy, Taxi Driver

Thirty-five years after its release, having claimed the Palme d’Or at Cannes, redefined New York City on the screen and worked its way deep into the American cultural psyche; “Taxi Driver” has been digitally restored by Sony Pictures. A new … Continue reading

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Taxi Driver is to ‘De Niro’ what Godfather was to ‘Al Pacino’

The film ‘Taxi Driver’ has become prophetic and mirrors the violence of contemporary news headlines. Notoriously, the film is linked to and may have triggered the political assassination attempt by inconspicuous John Hinckley on President Ronald Reagan in 1981, illuminating … Continue reading

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Did you know: A promotional board game titled “The Godfather Game” was released in 1971

‘The Godfather Game’ puts players in the roles of mob bosses vying for control of rackets in several neighborhoods. The game plays like Go, except that stones are bought for varying prices based on the area of the board they … Continue reading

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