Rekha Bhardwaj Shares 5 Invaluable Insights From Her Own Experiences

With soulful music and life-changing insight, Rekha Bhardwaj conducted an unforgettable 5th Veda session at Whistling Woods International. Sharing her invaluable tips on music and relaying her journey to success, she undoubtedly had the audiences captivated. Here are a few gems of wisdom shared by the iconic vocalist:

1. “My confidence comes from my daily riyaaz.”

Despite her unmatched success, Rekha Bhardwaj shared with the students of Whistling Woods International the importance of riyaaz or practice. Her revelation was both inspiring and humbling to the students.

2. “Even as a child I knew I had to be a professional singer; it came naturally to me.”

Delving into her childhood and her budding passion for music, Rekha Bhardwaj spoke about how her true passion had always been a part of her psyche. “As a 5 year old I used to attend classical music conferences which added to my musical leanings,” she said, “I used to learn from my elder sister while she did her riyaaz early in the morning.”

3. “My Guru ji used to say the most important riyaaz is to listen to yourself.”

Sharing insight from her mentor, Rekha Bhardwaj spoke of her own leanings and experiences with music. “When you are well versed with a song,” she said, “improvisation happens on its own. You can play with the song however you like it, because then it becomes your own song.”

4. “Classical music helps you stay grounded, which lays the foundation of singing.”

She may have ventured into various genres, garnering fans from different crevices of the world, but Rekha Bhardwaj talks about how her roots will also be embedded into the heart of classical & folk music and how the fundamentals are the most important, saying, “Folk music is the mother of all genres of music in the world. Classical music is like meditating; it gives you inner peace and helps you stay calm.”

5. “Every song adds to my musical journey, and so it becomes special.”

Having performed numerous hits, Rekha Bhardwaj displays her ardour for every song that adds to her musical journey. Amidst her interaction with the students, the singer also performed some of her hit numbers for the audience.

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