Anupam Kher on His Journey & Acting at Whistling Woods International

“I don’t take myself seriously and that is my biggest strength,” said Anupam Kher during the irrevocably immersive session he conducted at the 5th Veda. An iconic figure in Indian cinema, with over 500 films since he emerged in the film industry 35 years ago, Anupam Kher shared many gems of wisdom with the students of Whistling Woods International.

About six hundred students gathered to garner insight from the film maven at the inauguration of the sixth season of the 5th Veda cultural hub. “You too can become extraordinary only when you really work extra hard and differently from others and leave your audience surprised”, said the renowned actor while sharing anecdotes from his journey in the film industry. Some of his riveting anecdotes included stories about ill-fated fights with Mahesh Bhatt over the old man’s role in ‘Saaransh’ and even how his acting journey began with an opportunity to play a pivotal role in Subhash Ghai’s film ‘Karma’.

Unflinchingly candid and as forthcoming as ever, Anupam Kher had the students captivated during the entirety of the session. Being a natural teacher, it’s no surprise that the actor so effortlessly guided the aspiring actors and filmmakers in the audience within the span of one session. He shared his life’s experiences, talking about his journey from when he studied at the National School of Drama to some invaluable tips on an actor’s breathing techniques.

Subhash Ghai, the founder of Whistling Woods International, culminated the session by saying, “When an actor inspires a director, then magic is created on celluloid. It then becomes imperative for the director to highlight such immense talent. Anupam Kher inspired me to write the best lines for him in Karma and Saudagar.” Anupam Kher’s drive and charisma left the students of Whistling Woods International both invigorated and inspired, eager to learn and explore the vast expanse of cinema.

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