Only At WWI – Unique Course for ‘Producers’

ProducingIn the year 2006, we started offering the first formal course for aspiring producers by offering specialisation in ‘Producing’, as part of the full-time course in filmmaking.

This course is specially designed to enable aspiring producers to recognise the artistic and business potential of an idea or screenplay and to then nurture it to fruition. This learning experience gives students the creative and business tools to successfully achieve both, artistic endeavour and commercial success of a film.

This course help students to learn the role of the ‘Creative Producer’ and how to ‘read’ and develop a film script from the producer’s perspective. They learn to define a target audience and analyse and compare the film story/script to current trends.

Students are introduced to the basic principles of project management and the essentials of line-producing a film. They are trained to understand the importance of planning and pre-production; and how to use various tools, such as EP Scheduling to do a ‘script breakdown’ and create a detailed schedule. The students are also groomed to understand the relationship between the film, the distributor and the film’s audience.

Students learn about ‘ideation’ of the project and a producer’s subsequent contributions towards the development of the story and screenplay. Student are taught to develop and package the film idea and pitch it to a financer. The course focuses on the ‘development’ aspect, right from selection of an idea of the story to making / developing it into a viable film project.

Students are introduced to advanced concepts in line-producing, with a focus on line-producing outside the studio environment. Students develop skills in working with and motivating a team, develop their ability to foresee problem areas and account for them at the planning stage, strengthen their intra-personal and crisis management skills and their ability to manage the project within the given budget and schedule

In this course, students are introduced to various tools and concepts in planning and monitoring their projects, right from development of the script to completion of the post-production of the film. They also learn to gauge the audience response to the film during its opening weekend through an audience voxpop and to correlate audience response to the box office receipts.

To give students a hands-on experience on line-production, they work on Diploma Film projects. This project simulates a near real-world situation for the student to plan and execute a film and see it through from script to screen.

At the end of the course, the students submit a thesis project. It is a compilation of the strategies designed by students to make a project a saleable proposition. It seeks to address the question of the viability of a chosen story or an idea and offers an answer or a convincing solution based on research.

Overall, this course equip students to plan, monitor and control their projects in terms of time, cost and quality.

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