Inspiration 2016 – Bhubaneshwar


Inspiration 2016 took Bhubaneshwar by storm as students attended the national seminar focused on media and entertainment. Inspiration is a nation-wide media knowledge seminar organized by our students from the School of Media and Communication. 

The auditorium was not just filled with students, but enthusiasm and excitement, as we held the Inspiration 2016 seminar at The Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER), Bhubaneshwar. Organized by our students from the school of media and communication, Inspiration is India’s largest student-led nation-wide media knowledge seminar. In its sixth edition, Inspiration will travel across 7 cities starting from Ahmedabad and moving on to Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata and Guwahati to inspire students to do what they love.

On this occasion, Rahul Puri, Head-Academics, said, “Bhubaneswar is full of talent and seminars like these allow students to get the much needed exposure as they get to interact with people from different walks of life. Every profession requires appropriate training to enhance skills and learn the technicalities and understand the basics. Therefore, whoever is planning a career in media and entertainment; should firstly pursue formal training and education.”


The event at Bhubaneshwar witnessed industry professionals like Rahul Puri (MD, Mukta Arts Pvt Ltd | Head of Academics, WWI), Dayanidhi Dadhich (Event and Media Entrepreneur), Somnath Sen (Director of Outreach & Affiliations, WWI), Avisekh Rath (Actor), Pinki Jha (Renowned TV Host, RJ Radio Chocolate 104 FM) and Honey Patnaik (Renowned journalist) conducting an insightful session. The panelists discussed opportunities and career scopes in the media and entertainment industry with the young audience. The event also witnessed Krishna Beura (Indian playback singer) as a chief guest for the evening.

On the occasion of being invited to be a part of the panel, Pinki Jha, Renowned TV Host, RJ Radio Chocolate 104 FM, said, “It’s always a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge that I have gained from the industry with the future generation of our country.  I must indeed congratulate the film and media industry for having a brilliant institute that educates the young minds through such initiatives.”

Every year along with the seminar, Inspiration also gives a special award to recognize budding talent within the media and entertainment industry. This year, Dayanidhi Dadhich, a renowned advertisement event and media entrepreneur and Prakriti Mishra, an acclaimed Odia actress have been felicitated with the Young Achiever’s Award for their achievements.

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