Women’s Day Special – Short Films

On this very special occasion of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the brave, fierce and independent women who inspire us, with a bunch of diploma films made by our students.

‘Mai’, a short film  made by our students is a film that unfolds a lovely relationship between a mother and her child.

Mai has received screening invitation at prestigious film events like, Cinémathèque Québécoise, 2010, Musée Guimet, Paris, 2011 and Indian Documentary Producers Association, 2013. This beautiful film with a gripping screenplay, very deservingly won the ‘Best Screenplay Award’ at two reputed film festivals, ‘Pune International Film Festival, 2010’ and at ‘Film Saaz, Aligarh 2011’. This film has also bagged the very prestigious ‘ARRI Student Cinematography Award’ at the Pune International Film Festival, 2010.


Short film ‘Rose Bed’, made by our students is based on a tale of ‘Choices’ and ‘Chance’ that life offers and what we make out of it. It is the story of an Opera Singer Rose and her struggle with the bed, a metaphor for how she is dealing with the fact that she is still unmarried.

This very riveting film has been screened at popular and prestigious film festivals like Mumbai International Film Festival, 2012, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2012, International Short Film Festival of India, 2012 and Casa de la India, Spain, 2013. With its engrossing content, this film has also won the ‘Best Director’ award at the Pune International Film Festival , 2012.

Short film ‘Drishtikon’, made by our students is a film that brings forth the perception of a daughter about her mother, who turns to another man after the death of her husband.

This short film, ‘All Men are Bastards’, made by our students is a film based on the issues of trust & faith between a couple.

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