Announcing Carl Zeiss as one of our Technological Partners


The best results are witnessed from the minds who are consistent, passionate and work hard to do better and conquer daily challenges for a better future.


Mr. Daniel Sims, Managing Director, Carl Zeiss India

Likewise, Whistling Woods International (WWI), one of Asia’s largest Film, Television, Animation & Media Arts Institute, and, Carl Zeiss India (ZEISS), one of the pioneers in the field of lenses and equipment, have collaborated to deliver the best form of cinematographic experience for the aspiring cinematographers.

Students are engaged with ZEISS products based on the academic requirements and will be provided with ZEISS’ training materials. Specialized workshops, seminars, guest lecture sessions will be conducted on lenses, lensing and related fields by ZEISS experts for our students and faculty. Test shoots/demo shoots and practical exercises will also be conducted on-campus to help students understand the nuances and practical usage of these high-end products.


Each year, one of our students will be selected as the “Best Cinematography Student”, based on his/her understanding of the usage of ZEISS products and how it can be used to enhance the cinematographic aspect in the process of filmmaking. The student will be jointly assessed by experts from ZEISS and our faculty, and will be awarded with a ZEISS lens.

The list of lenses that our students and faculty can use for academic purposes include, but are not restricted to:

1. Zoom Lens – Compact Zoom CZ.2
28-80mm T 2.9
70-200mm T 2.9

2. CP.2 Prime Lenses (2 sets)
CP.2 25mm T 2.1
CP.2 50mm T 2.1
CP.2 100mm T 2.1

Cinematographers all over the world value the technical aspects of ZEISS products and are hungry for the availability of these superior lenses in order to get spectacular visual results. Aspiring cinematographers at our institute are going to experience the magnitude of ZEISS technology and products alongside gaining immense knowledge and experience in the art of motion picture.

This Technological partnership with Carl Zeiss is a definite achievement and sets a milestone in the history for both the organisations.

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