Pursuing Music

In the past 50 years, the music industry in India has steadily evolved. But the music education on the other hand, is still following traditional ‘gurukul’ and ‘gharana’ concepts. Though these concepts have served the music industry well for decades, it is time for a change. The new generation Indian needs a holistic learning system that takes the best from the traditional concepts and merges with the contemporary learning and brings an uniqueness to this traditional Indian art form. Whistling Woods Music School aims to do so by launching India’s first 2 years Diploma in Music Production and Composition.


In this diploma program, students learn both music technology and intricacies of various genres of music like Indian classical, western classical, folk music, etc. They also explore the different areas and forms of music, percussion, music technology, norms of the industry, sound design, along with practical application of the same. The Diploma in Music Production and Composition is the culmination of all subjects, under one roof.

Besides being first-of-its-kind, Whistling Woods Music School is also one-stop destination for becoming a music director. The school houses world-class instruments and equipment with ace mentors from the industry and beyond who have 10-15 years of hands-on experience. Moreover, the diploma provides various opportunities for students to practically apply their knowledge during the term of the course, by undertaking projects involving background scores for several short films.

These facilities, opportunities, and the faculty members encourage and guide the students to become professional musicians. After completing the Diploma, the students of Whistling Woods Music School can pursue careers in creation & production of music albums, music direction for films, composing background scores for films, documentaries, soap operas, producing music for advertisements and jingles.

Apply now for 2 years Diploma in Music Production and Composition.

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