Top 5 Trends in Animation Today

Technology in animated movies has been evolving for years. Today, the distinction between live-action and animation are blurring as seen in movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Similarly, there are a number of animation technologies that are trending right now out of which the top five trends are:

Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR):Animation professionals are relying more and more on NPR rather than CG animator. They are using 3D software to create an impressionistic animation that’s similar to hand-drawn media. The best example of this trend is animated movies like Wall and Chains.

CG- generated stop motion: The CG- generated stop motion is well-known for a long time in the field of animation. But this trend is reaching for new heights, which can be seen in the movie ‘Boxtrolls’.

Use of 3D print: Another trend that is associated with ‘Boxtrolls’ is that the Laika Studio while making the movie used 3D printing. They finally brought the 3D print into mainstream animation.

Mixed Styles: This is another trend that has gained popularity in the world of animation recently. The animation here is influenced with western and eastern stylistics. One of the very recent examples is Big Hero 6 that is based on the Marvel Comic about Japanese Super Hero team. Also, lot of western animators are getting influenced by this mixed style.

Organic influences: Here to create truly memorable animation, motion graphics are bonded with traditional stylised animation. One of the best examples is ‘Girl hub’ by Man vs Magnet.


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