Art in Cinema with Omung Kumar

“Every evergreen classic movie had an inherent quality of the Art of Painting in their compositions or they remained empty”, -Omung Kumar


“He is crazy, he is extremely passionate, he draws and paints, he has built sets for Sanjay LeelabBhansali, Big Boss, and has designed ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ and directed ‘Mary Kom’ movie”, said Subhash Ghai while introducing the famous artist Omung Kumar for the 5th Veda event that promoted Classical Art of painting and aesthetics in Indian cinema.

National Award-winning filmmaker, Omung Kumar, gave an insight on the subjects of art of images, aesthetics and production work. He said, “Art is a skill which vibrates through human life and soul. You should imbibe an aesthetic sense in you if you wish to be successful because an art director is extremely critical for any project since he is the one who decides the look of the entire movie.”

During the event Omung shared his influences that were heavily drawn from legendary works like the Monalisa. He amazed the students when he showcased his paintings and sketches that were detailed and breathtaking.


Later, the students were thrilled that Omung complied with their request by drawing in front of them. He beautifully sketched out the theme of the event. He also turned the stage into a crucible for experimentation where few students joined him to get their hands dirty while spontaneously painting their thoughts on canvas.


Towards the end Omung expressed his personal insights regarding painting by saying, “As they say God lies in the details, I believe visual sense was embedded in me since my childhood as my mother was a painter.  Visual, photography, face, dialogues influence one person to buy the work. I dream fantasy. Painting is like an advertisement to me, it speaks in many ways and people will interpret it their own ways.”

Adding to this, Mr. Subhash Ghai, Founder of Whistling Woods International, said that he also developed his aesthetic sense in visual arts by watching advertisements in magazines. He also shared his amazing experience working with Omung Kumar on ‘Yuvvraaj’ for which he received a letter from M. F. Husain appreciating the visuals of the film. The event was concluded by Subhash Ghai and Omung Kumar giving the students a new perspective towards art in cinema.


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