Subhash Ghai with 14 NGOs Inaugurated the NGO Seminar at Whistling Woods International

DSC_0095In an initiative to raise awareness about ‘Child Welfare’, students of Whistling Woods International School of Media & Communication organized a ‘NGO Seminar’ at its campus. Subhash Ghai and Amole Gupte inaugurated the seminar by lighting the lamp and sharing the keynote address. 14 prominent NGOs including CRY, Akansha and UMMEED, among others, participated in the panel discussion under the principal theme, ‘Children in Need’.

DSC_0083Amole Gupte, filmmaker and activist, addressed the WWI students and said, “It is important to ensure that children are given a secure childhood in terms of education, nutrition, and holistic welfare. We as a society need to be more vigilant and sensitive towards the issues faced by children, as they are the country’s future. I am happy to see such forums being held at an international institute like WWI, and hope to see such efforts across various platforms.”

DSC_0186In the face of rising child-related issues, the seminar offered 3 panel discussion on the respective topics – ‘Child Abuse’, ‘Child Welfare & Nutrition’ and ‘Child Education’. Each panel discussion was supported by experts from various realms of life. This seminar provided a platform to congregate NGOs working with underprivileged children to gauge feasible outcomes pertaining to the present scenario of children using the new media.

DSC_0263Subhash Ghai, Chairman, WWI welcomed and applauded the participation of the NGOs to inspire the students of WWI. He also encouraged the students to participate and be connected with the NGOs in order to be socially aware and contribute for the betterment of the society as students and future filmmakers. He further added, “Child is the real soul of a man and we must be very protective about this soul, which will enrich our country in the future.”

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