A Colorful Master Class with the team of Rang Rasiya

Appreciating creativity and celebrating cinema has been the motto of Whistling Woods International. Keeping the tradition of the Master Class, another one was hosted this past week for which the team of the recently released movie Rang Rasiya graced the stage. The award winning Director Ketan Mehta, Producer Deepa Sahi along with actors Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen shared their experiences of filming the movie. The movie Rang Rasiya is inspired by the renowned artist Raja Ravi Verma and the controversy surrounding him.


Speaking at the occasion, the famed director added, “I am happy that I got the opportunity to interact with the students at WWI. It was a refreshing experience to know their perspective and answer their queries about the movie and the art of filmmaking. Their knowledge and understanding of the art is commendable and impressive.”

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Students asked the team questions about the movie and the process that went behind making it. They also asked about their personal plans and opinions in connection to the industry.

Talking about the choices of his movies, Randeep Hooda said, “Ketan Mehta is one of the original Indian voices in the Indian Film Industry. I am happy to move away from the usual characterization that I have been doing; it was a pleasant change. One must follow their heart and deliver with conviction.”


Through the master class, the team envisaged key highlights of filmmaking to the students. Despite being completed in 2008-09, the movie got delayed in the release due to its bold content. They also spoke about how it is important to treat a sensitive topic like that of a controversial artist set during an important historic event with great care. As a filmmaker, one has to ensure that it is showcased correctly and nudity is presented aesthetically.

Ravi Gupta, Dean, WWI said, “We are glad to have the team of an unconventional and artistic movie like Rang Rasiya and have stalwarts like Ketan (Mehta), Deepa (Sahi), Randeep (Hooda), and Nandana (Sen) share their expertise and experience.”

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