Announcing Merit based Scholarship – The Dilip Kumar Scholarship


As a part of our constant expansion and innovation, we open admissions for January 2015 batch in Diploma in Filmmaking, Diploma in Acting and Screenwriting. The admissions interview and entrance exam for the same will be held on January 10, 2015.  India’s most renowned school of media and communications provides best-in-industry placements and has been ranked amongst the top ten film schools in the world, thrice, by the Hollywood Reporter.

We are happy to announce Scholarship for Diploma in Film-making and Diploma in Acting. The scholarship award will be given to those students who perform meritoriously in the admission process, which would cover their tuition fee at WWI for the period of their academic course at the campus in Mumbai. The scholarship would however be based on their performance in this period and all students granted this award would need to maintain strong academic and disciplinary performance to remain eligible for the scholarship. There is no additional applicable form for the scholarship. All students who apply to the programme are able to apply and students will be informed in their offer/rejection letter based of their performance in respective modules as given below.

Diploma in Filmmaking

Diploma in Filmmaking immerses participating students in each filmmaking craft. Through guidance from industry experts and interactions with global filmmakers, students both practice and study screenwriting, producing, directing, acting, cinematography, editing, sound design, film appreciation, production design, the aesthetic use of music in productions, literature, art history and cinema studies. Students are encouraged to create their own unique story development and filmmaking perspectives and vision. Admissions process for Diploma in Film-making will comprise of the following:

  1. A creative ability test
  2. An interview with a faculty panel

Apply for Diploma in Film-making at,

Diploma in Acting

Diploma in Acting is an intensive and practical programme that teaches the art and craft of acting for cinema ensuring that students are carefully nurtured and their individual abilities and talents are honed and trained. Our aim is to produce imaginative and skilled actors each with a unique identity and method of approaching a role and creating a truthful character. Being a practical programme, students spend a lot of time shooting monologues, scenes and student films, all of which are filmed and critiqued by the faculty. Admissions process for Diploma in Acting will comprise of the following:

  1. A self-recorded 3minute monologue
  2. A creative ability test
  3. An interview with a faculty panel

Apply for Diploma in Acting at,

Students who perform the set parameters in these above modules will then be considered eligible for the scholarship and the final decision on which aspirants shall be awarded will rest with WWI management. The parameters for eligibility include scoring 85% in the admissions test and being singled out by a faculty panel as being exceptional in both the interview as well as the group discussion.

For further information, please talk to our counselors at  +91 22 30916000.

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