Masterclass with R J Hrishikesh Kannan


A Masterclass conducted by one of the most popular and favourite Radio Jockey of the city from Radio One, Mr. Hrishikesh Kannan, for students of School of Media and Communication, Whistling Woods International, gave insights into the radio industry, the way it operates, programme format and structure, career opportunities and career graph for an aspiring radio professional.

The masterclass started with Hrishi Kay sharing his journey from being a theatre enthusiast to a full time radio professional. while discussing the same , he shared that getting to do newer things, exposure to different genres of work format generated his interest in Radio as a medium of communication and made him stay to explore the medium to the fullest by contributing significantly as a professional.


RJ Hrishikesh Kannan at the Masterclass with session moderator, Mr. Rahul Puri

While discussing the insurgence of Radio as a medium of communication in the mid 90s and thereafter, he feels that Radio requires more importance and focus from the Government of India to help explore its potential. Interesting format of communication like Audio Documentary, News, Opinion based programmes by influencers on politics, education, employment etc. would help radio as a medium to penetrate the interiors of the country with relevant content and will benefit a wider audience base across societal strata or geographical location.

He also shared some key pointers that differentiate Radio from Television. Unlike Television’s prime slot that is slated for later hours during the day, Radio’s prime slot is the morning hours, and this the programs running in this slot have experienced professional as presenters. To make a radio programme interesting, a radio programmer/presenter need to structure his programme with information that would appeal more to the local audience. A presenter has to keep himself abreast with trending topics and need to have a basic understanding on various subject matters that would interest the audience. Hrishikesh also shared that “In Radio, Content is the king. Power of Radio is about getting relevant & local as a medium.” for the same reason, a programmer or presenter needs to keep a balance between delivering info-entertainment content and product promotions/advertisement. Also, he mentioned that on Radio, the content as well as the presenter is often modified as per listener’s preference, as the key is to connect with the local audience. Connect with the audience, relevant & researched content, timing in context of presenter’s content and the music, personality of the presenters are important to appeal the audience.

While sharing insight on Internet Radio, which is coming up in a huge way with technological advancement, Hrishikesh stated that he is hopeful and said that works are on to elevate radio as a medium on the internet space. Also, with different formats that can be thought of for different mediums, it will have a stronger appeal to the audience.

To wrap up the session, Hrishikesh Kanna very wisely mentioned that one need to be fully focused and love what they do to evolve as a successful professional in any fields of communication.


RJ Hrishikesh Kannan with Faculty of School of Media & Communication, Whistling Woods International

RJ Hrishikesh Kannan on Whistling Woods International and our students.

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