WWI Masterclass with Rohit Shetty & Rakesh Ranjan on Singham Returns

At Whistling Woods International, we give utmost importance to a pedagogical system that involves learning through experience. Not just theoretical, but practical education is given as much importance as LIVE interaction with industry professionals, experts and legends. 

WWI Masterclass is such a session where we invite people from the industry to interact with students that allow them the opportunity to discuss and put forth their queries directly to film-makers and get acquainted with the several nuances that needs to be addressed and are imperative to the craft of film-making. 

WWI Masterclass with film-maker, Mr. Rohit Shetty

WWI Masterclass with film-maker, Mr. Rohit Shetty

One such power-packed Masterclass was with film-maker, Mr. Rohit Shetty. A confident craftsman and a thorough orator, this session echoed, “Learn While Having Fun”. Mr. Shetty shared his experience and journey from being an Assistant Director to becoming a Director.

The session started with an interesting discussion on how the industry has evolved over the years with technological and technical innovations coming in. Mr. Shetty mentioned that it is extremely important to stay updated on the technical betterment that adds to the art of story-telling on-screen. When asked about what keeps him going as a film-maker, Mr. Shetty, quickly replied, “Conviction”, which sure was motivating for the students. He strongly professed that one should be sure about what one wants to do and should believe in it till the end. 

An audience’s director for sure, Mr. Shetty gave a very important and useful insight to the students by suggesting that one should very constructively take audience’ feedback. He also added that one should watch films regularly and try to analyse every aspect of the film to evolve as a filmmaker. Further, he added, ‘Know your audience to be able to cater the best. A filmmaker should first consider himself as an audience’.

WWI Faculty and Sound Designer, Rakesh Ranjan shared his experience of working with Mr. Rohit Shetty. He appreciated the director’s dedication towards his work. While talking about designing Sound in Rohit Shetty’s films, he mentioned that the sound of a film should match the genre of the film. He mentioned that it’s important for a filmmaker to have knowledge & understanding of techniques. He appreciated Mr.Shetty’s eagerness to learn and that he is aware of technicalities involved in filmmaking. He suggested the students that to evolve as a filmmaker, one need to keep challenging oneself. 

It was quite an interesting and insightful session and each in the audience enjoyed the the lively LIVE session with one of the most acclaimed directors of the current time, which he wrapped up by saying, “Only cinema can teach you Cinema” and encouraged students to keep learning continuously.

Watch the video to know the key points from the session:

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