WWI Masterclass with the team of Poshter Boyz

2L9A0628The session started with Shreyas Talpade sharing his experience of being a producer for this venture. While talking about how he zeroed in on the script, he said, that the art of narration is extremely important for the writer/director to be able to convince the other members of the team. Next came the topic on how he went ahead for casting the characters, to which he added a valuable insight stating that casting for a film should be done keeping in mind the audience’ preference as to which actors would make the audience relate the most with the characters in the film.

The Director, Sameer Patil, shared interesting snippet on how he came across the idea of making this film and his clarity of thought on how he wanted the film to be takes much of the success story that the film has seen.

While discussing about limited budget and time that regional films can afford to shoot, in comparison to Hindi films, the Director of Photography, Pushpank Gawde, emphasized on the fact that pre-production and impeccable planning is extremely important to wrap up a shoot on time. The idea of the film should be clearly conveyed across the team so that each member in the crew and cast can deliver to the best of their ability.

2L9A0668Talking about film distribution, Hadi Ali Abrar, associate producer and Shreyas Talpade shared their experience as a learning where in they got to learn a lot about the film distribution business and is confident to better the process with their next production.

The session ended with Shreyas Talpade suggesting the students that each and everyone should be passionate about whatever they do, should give their 100% and identify and be prepared for any opportunity that comes their way.

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