WWI Student, Aayushi says, “You cannot NOT love this place” #LongLiveWWI

When you start doing what you love, you, automatically, end up loving what you do! And there’s no life better than that, when you want to wake up every morning and just do what you love and be amazing at it too.

Do what You Love: Whistling Woods International’s heart (and a thousand hearts attached to it) is built on it.

Some may say that it’s easier said than done. Well, they haven’t yet come to WWI, if they do, they’ll know it’s not that tough after all. I know that now.

It’s been a year since I joined this one of a kind institute and never have I regretted my decision. In fact, with every passing day, I’ve only come to firmly believe that this could possibly be the best decision of my life. In only a year, I’ve come across some wonderful opportunities that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise (and I’m pretty sure about this). And (trust me when I say this) this school has given me a lot of things to boast about in less than a year and more so, it’s helped me understand myself even better! Now, you may say I’m a dreamer..but I’m not the only one. Ask any Whistling Woods Student what they feel and they’ll tell you (more or less) exactly the same thing. And honestly, it’s not just the students, the faculty and the staff are no far behind. Each one of them loves being here just as much as the students. The atmosphere is such, you can’t not love this place. So many of us have found out what we love doing, on the campus, while none of the counselling sessions could help. And while many, out there in the industry, are still figuring out how to love what they do (or do what they love), over here, we’re being trained for doing what we love!

I’m sure you’re thinking “What? Wait a second? What have they done that you’re being so Oh I love my college?”

And to answer to that:

1) In just my first year, I worked with three big names of the Media Industry in India.

2) Took my first celebrity interview (Yes, so is our reach, believe it or not).

3) Did EXACTLY what I loved.

4) Had (Have) a faculty that sailed (sail) their boats according to my current.

5) Honestly, how many more do you need? (there’s more, but for another time)

Most institutes have a motto, some give it justice, while some don’t. Ours does and not just that, it helps give justice to my dream too. It’s not like we’ve never had issues, we do, but the way we work them out is what makes us a family.

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