‘This is my Home’ says #WWIStudents Priyal Gala #LongLiveWWI

Priyal Gala 1It’s just 365 days at Whistling Woods

HONESTLY, the only thing which gets me to blogging is my college. Even my previous post have been just about it. So it’s just been a year at Whistling Woods and I wonder how fast the time flies, because it just feels like I have entered college about few weeks back.

I do not feel attached to my school where I was for 12 years nor my college where I spent 5 years, but when it comes to Whistling Woods I can proudly say it is my home. It’s just 365 days and this place has managed to make me feel that yes this is my home. The vibe that you get from this place and the people around it is just fantastic, sometimes it’s like I don’t feel like going home.

Priyal Gala 2I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this amazing institute which taught us so many things through various activities. We learnt team work & management through “Inspiration”. We learnt our social responsibilities through our NGO internships, we even learnt crisis management during “Celebrate Cinema” where more than 1200 people visited our campus and enjoyed the various workshops conducted by us for FREE. Our industry internships where we learn everything practically which prepares us for our future jobs. I can go on with what the college and the faculty has done for us in the past 365 days.

The friends that I have made here will be there for lifetime and by friends I mean the faculty and the staff also. It’s amazing to have friends from all over India, from those small cities which you have probably never thought of visiting but now you shall go there because your friend lives there. The different perspectives you come across over the same thing is sometimes so surprising for me, that I couldn’t think like that, which helps me grow and change. All the time spent together will always be cherished and remembered for life 🙂

Priyal Gala 4Everyone here at Whistling Woods is treated equally may it be a cleaner or a HOD. Everyone including the staff, the president of the college has lunch in the same cafeteria where we studentseat, which I personally love and respect. The campus is kept so clean that you will never even find a wrapper around. Our toilets are cleaned and sanitized every 2 hours, which college in Mumbai or even in India does that?

The college has taught us so much in just 365 days, which we probably never learnt in 22 years of our life. And Today this government wants to take away this beautiful place from us. Iwant to question them as to why would they do that?

Priyala Gala 9Subhash Sir, Meghna Mam, Rahul Sir and all the amazing faculty we have has put in their blood, sweat and hard work to place Whistling Woods where it is today. It is recognized as the Top 10 Film schools in Asia, we have students from all over the world coming in to educate themselves about the media & entertainment industry. And many more want to come here in the same campus and study.

Priyal Gala 10I salute you Meghna Ghai Puri for your vision and leadership due to which all of us I am sure will have an amazing successful career in the media & entertainment industry.  I personally believe that she has carved out a niche for herself, created an identity and off course SHE IS PERFECT AND MY FAVOURITE 😉

The college is ours, the campus is ours and it was built here to stay forever and nurture all the little ones like us who have a passion for Cinema. 

The love and respect we have for Whistling Woods and the staff cannot be expressed in words 🙂

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