“Not Losing Hope. Not At All” by #WWIStudent Roohani Yagnik #LongLiveWWI

Roohani YagnikI took it for granted. I never thought it would be so serious. I cannot imagine my campus being closed down after fulfilling dreams of thousands of people. Each Room in this campus has memories. Memories that could make each of its student cry with Joy.

Be it Going to Rahul Puri for low attendance or going to D Wood for helping him out for his workshop or staying awake for the whole night for an assignment. I would cherish all of it.
Having someone like Laili Dutta who would do anything for her students to get the best of everything , having Mayura Amarkant helping you even if she has to go out of her way ,
Having the best of the best available right at one place seems impossible. i can’t express how lucky i am to be here at whistling woods. Right from the guards to the house keeping guys, from Anna to mama at the canteen.

The Impossible friends I have at this place, the best guiding force I’ve come across. I have found my Family here. Whistling woods is my home. It breaks me a little inside even if I think of losing it. It has always given me A lot more than I’ve expected.

Not losing hope. Not at all

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