“Do What You Love” inspires #WWIAlumni Vishal Dahiya #LongLiveWWI

#WWIAlumni Vishal Dahiya, sharing his experience and joy of being a part of the institute!


Alright, so, 2 beautiful years at the temple of cinema have come to an end. Wait. End? What? Noo! I didn’t join Whistling Woods because I had to leave it.

According to in-depth research and deep analysis and statistics collected from over 1000 happy students, alumni and staff, Whistling Woods would never leave you stranded even when you finish your course and leave the campus. All you need is a smile to come back on campus.

That’s the reason we all love our college more than the opposite gender. Whistling Woods is the best, and the best, and the best film school in the nation of India.

Bet for a couple movie ticket for next 2 years, every friday? Yes. I love watching films. I would win.

Patriotism? Yes. We are patriots for our college. And why shouldn’t we? It deserves to be loved.

I’m from military background and trust me, the much “nation” I heard there all my life, same amount of “films” I hear on campus. We can sleepless work to create cinema without even caring about food and money, because our producers are taught to feed us on time and pay us before the due time.

We breathe films. We inhale stories and exhale films. Yes. That’s actually the vibes on campus. I can bet, no other film school does it better. And no one else could and would. I’m not over-confident but speaking on the basis of my experience on campus.

It was Summer of 2012 when I finished my 12th and all my classmates joined some of the best colleges across the globe and I was the odd one out to choose films. Well, then, why Whistling Woods? Simple. I talked to people. And inference was, Films = Whistling Woods.
And they were true. I was 18 back then. I’m 20 now. I’ve been earning for a long time now and I’ve done feature films, ads and what not? Reason? Simple. It’s because of the training and craft I’ve inherited from my institution and it’s my seniors, juniors, super seniors, alumni, batchmates, staff, faculties and even lightmen and crane & track operators who got me work and recommendation.

It would have been impossible to grow if I continued the way I was going at the time of choosing my career. I would have joined some random engineering college. There would have spent 4 years. No, 6 years at least. Backlogs. How can I forget that? I would have bought a DSLR and clicked some random streets and markets, if not, girls on campus.
After college? Campus Placement. 30 grands? WOW. Too much for a fresher.
[Comes back to reality.] I’m done with my college. I’m just 20. It took just 2 years. I didnt get any backlog. No one in my college did. Why? Because we are studying what we love and our faculties are teaching what they love! And yes. We all love one common thing. Cinema it is. My friends who went to other colleges? They are cribbing. They fight with their parents for not being like mine. They study in luxurious colleges with thousands of students but they hate their courses and offcourse, the faculties. When I tell them about WWI, they bang my phone.

We love our faculties. They hug us. We hug them. They love us. We love them.
It’s a family. It’s a family that is related from the very first visionaries of college, Subhash Ghai sir and Meghna Puri ma’am to the last admission on campus. No cultural university can replace this world class institute. They can take the land. What about the dreams that are sown here? I’ve my friends who have just joined the campus and other are in line to join in next semesters. Land issue can’t stop us from trusting our institution. If we can create curriculum for CBSE, then why can’t we just, exist?

Dear Government, We are known globally. We have achieved what other colleges in India still just aspire off. Then why do you want to bring us down and create a void in the induction of talented filmmakers in the film industry? I love my government. Say Cheeze?
So. Now. I love you my dear government. But if you let us continue on this campus, I’ll restore my faith in you. GOD PROMISE

PHOTO: I clicked this 2 monsoons back with my digicam when I just joined the campus. The droplets are still fresh and invites me to be on campus, again, again & again.

Let us stay and we would create a FREE feature film to showcase the heroism of Indian Government. Chalo? Deal?

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