Long Live WWI

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The backbone of an educational institute is the land on which it is standing, and that is the thing for which Whistling Woods International is fighting a battle. The high court ordered Whistling Woods International to hand over the 20 acres of land on which the institute is built, and we are going to stand united and fight against the disruption of our temple of education.


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Whistling Woods International has been a home to the hopes and dreams of thousands of students and we intend to house many more. This fight is not fought alone; the students, alumina and the faculty members are a great support to our cause. Another encouraging thing is the support we have received from the film industry itself.


This institute has been a temple where education is worshiped, where talent is and will continue to be nurtured.

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Today the court adjourned the matter to the 30th July, 2014. No orders were given today and the court is waiting for the government to file an affidavit. The admission of the review petition has been kept on hold until 30th July, 2014.

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