MBA in Media and Entertainment

Entertainment is a huge and important part of our life today. Every mode of communication from our phones to our laptops and everything in between embodies elements of entertainment. This has made media and entertainment as one of the toughest industries to break into, yet the most desired one to belong to. In recent years this industry has picked up pace and is steadily growing, beckoning young minds to follow. Building a career in the world of Media and Entertainment is not everyone’s cup of tea. Determination and passion is required, but above all education is required.

Since this career has gained prominence a number of schools and institutes have sprung up that provide courses on Media and Entertainment. But a student needs to be aware of their own requirements and pick a place where they will be fulfilled.  Whistling Woods International is one of the leading institutes that have proven their worth and acquired the confidence of many young creative minds.


media and entertainment


For students pursuing Media and Entertainment, Whistling Woods International has much to offer. The institute offers an MBA in Media & Entertainment plus a PGP in Media & Communication, stretching over a period of two years. Divided into four semesters, the course covers Media & Entertainment completely and intensively.

The first semester introduces students to the key industries within Media & Entertainment industry which includes Film, Television, Radio, Advertising, Journalism and Public Relations. The ancillary sectors surrounding it like, Management or Accounting, are also a part of this semester. The second semester depends on the specialized field chosen by the student, which will further determine their path for the third semester. For example, if Communication Management is picked it could either lead to Public Relations & Corporate Communication or Advertising for the third semester. During this semester students are introduced to Business Law and Statistics and Economics.

Between the second and third semester, students are asked to take up an internship with a view to picking it as a career path. Each subject concentrates on specific aspects of the industry. The final semester focuses on applied learning only as students prepare to get ready for the real world and look for placements. And the last challenge for them is their final research based on a project in which they apply all the knowledge they gained during the course.

This is just a bird’s eye view of the entire program and a student should do a thorough research of the institute before enrolling themselves. Picking the right institute will provide students with some much-needed confidence and opportunity, so get out there and create a future you’ll love!

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