Celebrity Management is an art

“For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work.” That said, the role of a celebrity manager is not just that of a secretary, it is much more than that.
Handling a celebrity is equivalent to creating a brand for him/her which has a direct impact on the career they enjoy. You have to know their professional tie-ups, upcoming body of work, their appearances at upcoming events and more.
Most people think of the role of a celebrity manager as a glamorous one, but there are a lot of thoughts, discussions, and much more that goes into making everything in sync with the brand, be it a post on Facebook or Twitter, magazine cover, or any creative on digital or media world!

So what’s the deal?

A celebrity manager provides services such as celebrity grooming, managing his or her time schedule, public relation services, marketing and advertising campaigns, negotiating endorsements, promotional launches, parties, and personal appearances.
Here are few things that a celebrity manager does:

  1. To be updated with all the news, trends, current affairs, because your will often look to you for advice.
  2. You have to be on call 24-7! This job is not for the faint-hearted. Back to back schedules, meetings and not to forget egos!
  3. You will have a chance to be a part of the most interesting interactions about how to convert a book into a film, brainstorming sessions with the creative team and the list is endless.
  4. You can never say that you have seen it all and done it all! This is one job where the rules and regulation changes almost every day or even less than that.
  5. Lastly, what this job requires is an insane number of hours, crisis management skills and most importantly, clear vision to promote your brand in a successful way.

That said, our school offers Celebrity Management as an important part of our MBA program in Media and Management, which not only gives you an idea of how and what to do but provide you a hands on opportunity to experience it while in the course. Watch the video below and you will know what we are talking about!


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