Creating Waves

Creative young minds everywhere yearn for a chance to show off what they’re made of, and in this regard Saili Kocharekar is no different. An MBA student at Whistling Woods, Saili’s creative bent of mind was given the platform to showcase itself when Godrej joined hands with Whistling Woods International to co-create Godrej’s “Ideas that sing”, and the results of this collaboration really has to be seen to be believed.
Saili was one of several students working on this, all of them hailing from diverse streams of education, such as the School of Media And Communication, the School of Animation and the School of Filmmaking among others, each brought their own unique perspective to the creation of these videos. Her experience, albeit shortlived, was one she enjoyed thoroughly, saying “I worked only in the initial stage of this project, but had a wonderful time. Right from conceptualizing the story to making the script to writing lyrics for the Godrej song, everything was fun. We had a beautiful experience of applying classroom lessons to real live projects, at the same time exploring our own creative streak at work!”
While industry-academia collaborations are rarely found in action, this is a shining example of what the union can co-create if given a fair chance. Godrej tapped into latent creativity with great effect, and Shireesh Joshi, Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Marketing Group, Godrej explained Godrej’s approach by saying, “As an organization we value diversity of thought, freedom of expression, and individual growth. We saw this tie-up as a way to explore all those dimensions simultaneously. The success of this activity can be seen in terms of the quality, diversity of interpretations, popularity as well as the beautiful way that the brand and its products have been showcased by the students of Whistling Woods.”
With this industry exposure under their belt with a major player such as Godrej to boot, the Whistling Woods International students have got a taste of what working in the industry feels like and can step into their professional careers with greater confidence. Here’s looking forward to more such Ideas That Sing!

Watch the full list of videos the students worked below:


You can also visit our website for more information about our diverse courses in filmmaking, acting, animation, screenwriting and much more!


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