Opportunity comes knocking

When opportunity comes knocking, it is always wise to be there to answer the call of destiny. As someone just beginning to chart out a career, all you need is a chance to show what you can do and Abhishek Chandra has taken his opportunity with aplomb! A Whistling Woods student, he and his fellow students were given the chance to work with an industry biggie in the form of Godrej on a series of videos that re imagines Godrej’s concept of ‘Ideas that make us smile’.


Godrej and Whistling Woods union is a perfect collaboration of industry and academia. As an industry heavyweight with a presence in several verticals, Godrej is a major name to be reckoned. Through their tie-up with Whistling Woods, a set of videos have been created that showcases both the uniqueness of the minds behind it and the brand whose values they espouse. Abhishek was effusive in expressing his delight, saying that, “it is always great coming back to Whistling Woods, and it feels even better when you actually are working in collaboration with the school for a brand like Godrej.”


For students like Abhishek who are about to carve a niche for themselves, being handed a gilt-edged chance like this is a chance to prove their mettle. While the challenge was a considerable one, it was one Abhishek and his team gladly accepted. “We had a great time and there was a lot pressure as we were doing four viral videos, which eventually went on to be five viral videos in total. Of these I directed 3 and it was so worth it.”

For Godrej, the chance to tap into young creative talent eager to prove itself was a big draw, but Shireesh Joshi, Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Marketing Group, Godrej spoke at length about the idea behind the collaboration, saying, “As an organization we value diversity of thought, freedom of expression, and individual growth. We saw this tie-up as a way to explore all those dimensions simultaneously. The success of this activity can be seen in terms of the quality, diversity of interpretations, popularity as well as the beautiful way that the brand and its products have been showcased by the students of Whistling Woods.”

Industry and academia partnerships of note are far and few in between, but with Godrej and Whistling Woods leading the way on this front, it’s safe to say that such initiatives will be the first of many in the years to follow!


Watch the full list of videos the students worked here 

You can also visit our website for more information about our diverse courses in filmmaking, acting, animation, screenwriting and much more!

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