Federico Fellini

Italian humanist director Federico Fellini was amongst the most intense autobiographical film directors the cinema has known. He had no formal technical training in his profession. His career in cinema spanned five decades and he gained much critical acclaim. He won many awards including four Oscars in the Best Foreign Language category.

"If I were to make a film about the life of a soul," said Fellini, "it would end up being about me."

Fellini’s formative influences can be traced back to the popular Italian culture of the period, and not primarily the cinema. The cartoons, caricature sketches, and radio comedy that were his popular art métier brought him to the cinema as a gagman and scriptwriter.

“Everyone lives in his own fantasy world, but most people don’t understand that. No one perceives the real world. Each person simply call his private, personal fantasies the Truth. The difference is that I know I live in a fantasy world. I prefer it that way and resent anything that disturbs my vision.” (Fellini in I, Fellini, ed. by Charlotte Chandler, 1995)

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  2. Fellini is rightly acclaimed as an important figure in international cinema. I wrote a piece about La Dolce Vita on my blog.

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