Amar… Akbar… Anthony!

In 1977 the Hindi ‘Bollywood’ movie “Amar Akbar Anthony” was released. This Manmohan Desai film went on to become a blockbuster super hit and is one of Indian cinema’s best loved popular entertainers of the 1970s. “Amar Akbar Anthony” or ‘AAA’ as it came to be called (The use of title initials are affectionate abbreviations with Bollywood fans.) brought together three heavyweight heroes of the 70s who were at the top of their fame; Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, and Vinod Khanna.

Destiny in the course of ‘the film brings the brothers into proximity with each other and their real parents, without realizing their actual identities. By the end of the film everyone realizes who they really are and the whole family is reunited. “Amar Akbar Anthony” is a classic example of the ‘Lost and Found’ story. The lost and found story was a trademark of many Manmohan Desai films and his name is invariably associated with this theme.

This all takes a little over two and a half hours, with lots of comedy, drama, action, and seven or eight gratuitous song and dance numbers. The film is classified as a comedy. Indian film journalist and Bollywood historian Dinesh Raheja has said of ‘AAA’, [It has] “moments of inspired lunacy..” and was a “multi-starrer spectacle” . In the end ‘AAA’ is one of the most satisfying and entertaining Bollywood films ever made.

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