Master Class with David Freeman – Schedule

Hey guys check out the Schedule for the Master Class “Beyond Structure” by David Freeman

Schedule for both days is as below:

Day 1 – March 26th 2011

Create Riveting, 3-Dimensional Characters
* 10 techniques for crafting unique, psychologically complex characters
* 28 kinds of character growth for your hero
* 32 ways to make lead characters likable without making them bland
* Create characters who aren’t copies of those in movies or books
* 35 types of quirks and eccentricities for a character
* 20 techniques for giving a character depth
* 11 ways to show character development in stages
* Techniques to create interesting villains

Write Luminous Dialogue
* How to give each character their own distinctive “voice”
* 5 ways to capture a character’s dimensionality in dialogue
* 14 techniques for written dialogue to capture the sound of speech
* 4 ways to inject depth or ‘subtext’ into dialogue

Advanced Dialogue Techniques
* The Ultimate Dialogue Challenge:
6 techniques for revealing ambivalence in dialogue.

Day 2 – March 27th 2011

Invent Great Premises
* 8 techniques for coming up with fresh story ideas
* 11 ways of modifying ideas to develop radically alternative story-lines.

Develop these premises into Imaginative Plots
* 46 types of plot twists
* 28 possible objectives for your hero
* Techniques for using character’s emotional growth to shape the plot
* Techniques for using the plot to shape character emotional growth
* 8 additional ways to relate character’s growth to the plot
* The most efficient way to brainstorm a story from beginning to end.

Create Memorable Scenes
* “Scene Sculpting” — 25 ways to make scenes interesting and emotionally layered.

The Marketplace
* The stories Hollywood likes & dislikes in film, cable and network movies-of-the-week.
* Learn the art of pitching from classroom demonstrations.

For enquiries email or call +91 22 30916002  / +91 22 30916003  / +91 22 30916000.

Last day for registration is March 18, 2011 at Whistling Woods International.

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