From the Desk to the Theaters!

Aparna Sen, the winner of three National Awards and eight international film festival awards, is back into news with her much awaited film ‘Iti Mrinalini’ that is slotted for a release in April this year.

For the first time, Aparna Sen has shared the story and the script-writing of the film with a co-author, debutant Ranjan Ghosh. Ranjan belongs to the Screenwriting alumnus of Mumbai based film school, Whistling Woods International and for the first time the screenplay of a film has been picked up from an assignment in the curriculum of an institute.

The film is a walk through the memory lanes of a famous actress and takes the audience through the ups and downs in her life. It starts with the older Mrinalini (played by Aparna) who is an aging lady and plans to end her much coveted life. She writes a suicide note. Before taking the final doses of sleeping pills, she decides to destroy all the small possessions that she has of the past. On opening the box that stores her memories, she goes into a nostalgic rewinding of her yester years. It takes her through all joys and sorrows of her life and as the dawn sets in, Mrinalini realizes that the past is over and its time to open a new chapter in life.

The film is about taking life in an optimistic way and letting things happen the way they are destined to be. The journey also portrays different forms of love that can enter an individual’s life starting from a love that happens between two young people, graduates to something between love and friendship and finally the companionship that she seeks to find in her partner as she grows up in life. The film is a besotted panorama of relationships that makes an individual’s life the way it is.

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