Era of Silence

The birth of the world cinema was marked with silence. Not because it was an inauspicious start but because of a minor technical handicap- the fact that sound recording was not yet fully developed.

1895-1930 marked the era of silent movies in world cinema. They began coming into sight in substantial numbers during these years. Because this kind of comedy has no verbal communication, it relies on slapstick and burlesque, which involves parody and at times grotesque exaggeration.

Charlie Chaplin is one of the most popular actors in the line of silent movies. In France, Max Linder holds the title.

One figure clearly dominates the early life of Indian Cinema and its Dadasaheb Phalke. He truly shaped Indian Cinema. After viewing “The Life of Jesus Christ” in Mumbai Phalke said to himself -“Like the Life of Christ we shall make pictures on Rama and Krishna…” soon after he launched what was to be a landmark in the history of Indian Cinema, Raja Harishchandra.

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