WWI students amazed everyone at BAF 2010

‘The Music of Life’, animation film made by our students in collaboration with students at Bradford College in UK finally came to big screen.

The reunited Student film-makers were very emotional to be together again.

Some Student Film-makers share their views of working together on ‘The Music of Life’

Becky Sturdy said “It was great to see the final product on the big screen rather than a computer screen.”

Sana Sheikh agreed and remarked, “After all that time painting the set, photographing and editing painting it felt like all our hard work has paid off. The quality on screen was really good.”

Lora West reckoned, “I was really proud, of us all and of Kavan and Martin for making such excellent speeches. Seeing everyone together again and hearing the music brought the whole experience back. I woke up humming that tune the next morning! When we were shooting in India if you accidentally moved a model just a tiny bit in the wrong way you had to retake the scene from the start. But the calibre of students we worked with at Whistling Woods was amazing.”

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