Registration started at Whistling Woods International for Short Courses… Register now!

Digital Video Production – (11th November to 18th December)
The Digital Video Production course offers hands – on training in Digital Movie Making that will help participants to understand event capturing, polishing and story sense. The course will take participants through the processes of pre production, production and post-production .

Editing skill on FCP – (22nd November to 18th December)
Editing Skills on FCP is designed to empower you with a toolset of editing skills that renders working with all common editing tasks both efficient and effective. The course participant progresses through the various editorial processes and acquires an overview of the workflow

Production Design Level 1 – (22nd November to 18th December)
The Production Design – Level1 course offers a unique specialized training in the basic responsibilities of a Production Designer, with respect to the aesthetic aspects and practical skills needed to create the visual impact of a film.

Fundamental of still photography – (13th November to 4th December)
The course will help participants to connect thoughts, feelings and meanings with images and will also prepare them for more advanced and specialized levels of photography.

For futher enquiries email us on: or call us on: +91 22 30916000

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